About Us

From a single costume or prop to a complete bespoke package; production solutions for the best historical visuals

We are a small company based on the edge of Sherwood Forest in North Nottinghamshire. We specialise in recreating the past for film, TV and live performance.  With a team of highly experienced professionals including costume designers and makers, prop makers, set builders etc we can supply a complete art department or simply support your own team. With a fully mobile location service we have worked on productions all over the UK, Europe and North Africa. We have multilingual staff able to work closely with French, Spanish, German and Russian speaking crews. We hold large stocks of costumes and props (too many to list on a website) and are happy to quote for the production of bespoke items.

"High Def" is currently the buzzword in UK TV. We are pleased to say we have been working on High Definition productions for some two years and are well aware of the additional demands this places on crews.  There are lots of horror stories in the industry about HD difficulties, not least of which revolving around the quality of sets, props and costumes. We can confidently say that our stocks are all suitable for HD and our staff are ready to assist you in the transition to this new and exciting format.

Of course a website such as this cannot hope to do justice to the vast range of items and services we can offer. We hope however that it offers enough of an overview to encourage you to get in touch. Recently, for example, we have been asked to cover (amongst other things) the building of a neolithic causeway, iron age bog bodies, 17th century prostitutes, 1930s archeologists, medieval warlords, the Irish potato famine, Edwardian splendour and Victorian slums - never mind a expert slots on Scrapheap Challenge and Time Team!

2006 was a very exciting year for us that included full production solutions reconstructing ancient Troy and Egypt amongst others, experimental archeology projects for the camera for several productions plus some amazing Victorian and 18th century costumes

Currently showing (Spring 2007)

"Ancient Discoveries" (Wild Dream)

"Lord of the Rings Return to Middle Earth" (Ad campaign, Uber Agency)

Shop and workshops:                                                                       Time Tarts                                                                                         6A Doncaster Road                                                                              Langold, Notts S81 9RJ  United Kingdom                                                Phone:+44 (0)1909 540 638    Fax +44 (0)1909 540 463                            Email: timetarts@aol.com

If you are having difficulty getting in touch (it can be difficult as we do a lot of location work...)

Mobile  +44 (0)7957627149

               John & Karen with Lucy Lawless and a crew from October Films.

If you are not familiar with our services and have come across us online: We would be pleased to hear from you! Please let us know what your needs and questions are, we will be more than happy to help.

In brief, you should know the following about us: with a long pedigree in historical recreation we established our shop/showroom in 2002.  This relatively recent development belies our extensive experience and hard earned reputation for quality and service. Previous clients include:  

  • Granada ITV,
  • BBC
  • Wild Dream Films
  • RDF
  • Mentorn
  • 3DD
  • World of Wonder
  • Fulcrum
  • Wild Fire
  • Centre Screen Productions
  • Atlantic Productions
  • The Royal Shakespeare Company

Our speciality is being able to produce and/or supply historical replicas which are museum quality but at an affordable price whether you are looking to buy or to hire.  Add to this our commitment to friendly service and fast turnarounds and we are sure you will soon become one of our established customers. Our premises are conveniently located just five minutes from the Blyth exit of the A1 or 10 minutes from Junction 31 of the M1 but we regularly travel to London and Manchester for production meetings etc. With specialised vehicles and dedicated staff location work is always welcome (if hard work!) If you intend to visit us then please arrange an appointment first however to avoid disappointment.